Ryan Bruss Photography | Epson: Blooming Shadows
Ryan Bruss concentrates on the play of light and interaction with the subject to produce dynamic reflections of people and fashions in motion. RB photography & media provides fashion, beauty, commercial and SNS photography, video, and media management services for exclusive brands and businesses.
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About This Project


Exhibition Introduction: Blooming Shadows

Ume blossoms are prevalent within art motifs in Japan, however, culturally they have been overshadowed in importance by sakura.  It is, however, the plum blossom that was the original flower which started the tradition of hanami.  Ume remained the center of hanami culture until the early Heian era when it was relegated to the shadows of sakura, a much more common flower.

In this exhibition, it is this original cultural importance of the ume blossom which is emphasized within the shadows of silence that surround them in our modern era.

In Praise of Shadows by Tanizaki, he explains that the true beauty of Japanese lacquerware is revealed in the shadows and dim-light of the traditional Japanese house.  “Darkness is an indispensable element of the beauty” says Tanizaki, a statement equally applicable to the blossoms of the ume.

In this exhibition, “Blooming Shadows” darkness dances around the blossoms, light filtering into the in-between spaces to present the edges and delicate shapes of the blossoms.  Breaking through the darkness are the branches of the ume that frame the scene and disrupt the bonds of the darkness.

These scenes of shadows are created through dramatic studio lighting which highlights the beautiful chaotic essence of nature, while imposing the human mind and intentionality on the scene. The result is a photograph that is both a representation of the delicacy of nature and the will of forced bondage.


展示会の紹介:Blooming Shadows (満開の影)





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