Ryan Bruss Photography | Shot by photographer and designer Ryan Bruss.
Ryan Bruss concentrates on the play of light and interaction with the subject to produce dynamic reflections of people and fashions in motion. RB photography & media provides fashion, beauty, commercial and SNS photography, video, and media management services for exclusive brands and businesses.
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Personal Work
About This Project

Another amazing car remodeled by Bob Walmer, originally a 1925 Model T pick-up owned by Harry Bruss.

Bob completely removed everything but the steering wheel and front engine compartment. He then built the entire flat deck, cab, and back compartment by hand….using wood for all the individual ribs that make up the back compartment, then skinned the sides with .30gauge aluminum and hand built the back doors from wood. Re-paired many wooden spokes on the wheels. He has re-wired the entire truck and has mechanically re-done and reworked the engine and it is now running. David Walmer did all the painting…..5 coats of BLACK, very BLACK!