Ryan Bruss Artist Portfolio | Exhibition & Publication: TuorloBlue
Ryan Bruss concentrates on the play of light and interaction with the subject to produce dynamic reflections of people and fashions in motion. RB photography & media provides fashion, beauty, commercial and SNS photography, video, and media management services for exclusive brands and businesses.
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About This Project

TuorloBlue is an art project created to explore the culinary space through architectonical design and photography.  Each piece is a presentation of both the architectural esthetic and the ephemeral beauty of nature.

TuorloBlue is a collaboration between arch. Andrea Pompili and photographer Ryan Bruss. Arch. Andrea Pompili designed the ceramics, culinary dishes, and architectural drawings, while Ryan Bruss photographed the works.

TuorloBlue was featured in an exhibition curated by Marisa Zattini and shown at Il Vicolo gallery.  It was also featured in Graphie, an Italian art magazine.

Check out the entire project at: TuorloBlue.com