Ryan Bruss Artist Portfolio | Silence & The Self
Ryan Bruss concentrates on the play of light and interaction with the subject to produce dynamic reflections of people and fashions in motion. RB photography & media provides fashion, beauty, commercial and SNS photography, video, and media management services for exclusive brands and businesses.
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About This Project







Typically I am very specific when it comes to photography.  I manipulate light and after some experimentation approach any given subject with absolute conviction and singular vision.  I do not know Junya Ishigami`s mind nor the conceptual structure he envisioned for this architectural project, but as a photographer this plaza is a unique manipulation in light and in an extended sense the concept of self.  I found I had no conviction, no singular vision, when it came to photographing this space.  Our eyes are extraordinary at adapting to light difference so without a camera the play of light in relation to the structure is not so obvious, however, with a camera as ones means of exploration of this space and light, a divergent concept behind the architectural structure is revealed.


My initial feeling of the space was one of darkness, of inner reflection.  This is quite the opposite of images one finds online which are light and white.  By focusing on the outside space and exposing for the sky, the space falls into darkness.  The images I created were of slices of light followed by darkness.  The storms above became the subject in some of the images, the concept of self, one of private solitude dealing with inner struggles.  The interlocuter in this space was left alone, surrounded by darkness which could either provide comfort or fear.    In this sense, the space became a place of silent solitary meditation and reflection.


In shifting the camera`s focus inward, exposing for the inside space, suddenly light filled the plaza and conceptually the focus shifted outward.  The space was fluid, white, and with long exposures, motion flowed through the space.  The concept of self was much less solitary, one felt part of the space.   The interlocutor is invited to dance through the space in this sense, experiencing the self not as a solitary being, but as part of the space flowing together.  Beams of light merge with the lightness inside and the space and self float in a pure white silence.

Architecture and the Self

Spending a full day at the plaza, my impression of the space is as a commentary on the self and our dual nature.  It is a silent space that provides one a view of the self in terms of inner reflection and outer openness.  We are all made of an inner and outer self, of darkness and light, and I found the architectural structure and light of the plaza a beautiful metaphor for this cliché concept.  Whether there are days when the plaza is filled with sound I do not know, however,  I can only hope that the architect designed the structure for silence.  It is in this state that the plaza becomes a powerful space of both inner and outer meditation.  It is a fluid space of reflection, fluctuating between light and dark, inside and outside, a powerful and provocative space to explore the self.

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